John David Halamka

John David Halamka

International Healthcare Innovation Professor, Harvard Medical School, e Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess System

"Connecting Payers, Providers and Patients" is the title I give to many of my lectures around the world. The last decade of my life has been dedicated to the technology and policy that enables information exchange among clinical, educational and administrative stakeholders. This has given me the opportunity to teach extraordinarily diverse audiences, ranging from medical students to international policy makers. My clinical background and my multiple roles as a teacher have enabled me to implement innovative technologies in local, regional, national, and international settings.

As the CIO of CareGroup, my work has leveraged the web to exchange medical records securely among the 5 hospitals of CareGroup. Today, the clinicians of CareGroup deliver personalized care to each patient using web applications such as webOMR and Provider Order Entry. Patients use PatientSite 40,000 times a month to lookup their results and interact with their providers. Patientsite is the testbed for new personal health record innovations from Microsoft and Google. CareGroup has been recognized as national leader in healthcare IT and our innovations have been widely adopted throughout the country.

As the CIO of Harvard Medical School, my work has focused on using the web to build communities throughout the Quad and NRB via data sharing, collaborative applications, and high performance computing. We launched Mycourses in 2001 as the HMS platform for multimedia courseware, simulation, and course administration. In 2008, the Harvard Catalyst team and my IT team implemented the next generation of web applications to support the Clinical and Translational Science Awards. These systems, called Profiles and SHRINE, bring access to people, expertise, and clinical data from all HMS affiliates, ensuring that every researcher can leverage the resources of the community. We have open sourced this software and it is now widely implemented throughout the country.

As Chair of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network, my early work focused on connecting the payers and providers of the state to reduce administrative costs. Today, 100 million transactions are exchanged among 42 organizations each year. NEHEN has expanded to encompass 90% of the healthcare transactions in Massachusetts, has been extended to other states, and is the foundation of the regional data exchange efforts funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

As the CIO of Harvard Clinical Research, my early work focused on building a clinical trials platform that could support all the data management needs of a Harvard-wide clinical research organization. Today, HRCI is profitable and conducting numerous clinical trials on a highly reliable infrastructure.

As CEO of MA-Share, my work has focused on creating clinical gateways for secure data exchange among providers in the state. For the past 3 years, Massachusetts has been the leading e=Prescriber in the country, using the MA-Share RxGateway to connect clinicians and pharmacies electronically. MA-Share has connected the clinical systems of BIDMC, Children's, and Atrius to ensure continuity of care as patients leave the hospital or emergency department and seek follow-up with their primary care giver. In 2009, MA-Share merged with NEHEN to form a single healthcare information exchange for the state of Massachusetts.

As Chair of the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, my work has focused on harmonizing the electronic data standards for personal health records, electronic health records, public health reporting, biosurveillance, and medication management. In 2008, Secretary Leavitt officially recognized HITSP Harmonized standards as required for Federal procurement. HITSP’s work served as the foundation for the data standards required in ARRA.

With a change in administration Washington, a new Federal Advisory Committee was created to guide electronic health record standards and security efforts, the HIT Standards Committee. I serve as co-Chair. The efforts of HITSP and the HIT Standards Committee became the criteria for allocating $27 Billion in ARRA stimulus incentives for healthcare IT.

2011 will be the most pivotal year for healthcare IT in the history of the US, with acceleration of electronic health records, data exchange, decision support, clinical research, and informatics innovations. I look forward to leveraging my local, regional, national, and international experiences to lead many aspects of this transformation.

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AISIS è un’associazione senza fini di lucro, nata nel 2003 con lo scopo di promuovere percorsi di innovazione digitale in Sanità, intesa come leva strategica di cambiamento delle aziende sanitarie pubbliche e private. Rappresenta una realtà costituita da circa 100 Direttori di sistemi informativi e oltre 400 professionisti dell’area ICT di aziende sanitarie pubbliche e private. Inoltre da qualche anno tra i soci e i simpatizzanti di AISIS vi sono diversi e-Leader non tecnici, interessati a condividere esperienze, competenze e percorsi relativi alla digital health. AISIS si pone come catalizzatore/facilitatore di percorsi comuni e di alleanze tra tecnologi (ICT Professional, Ingegneri Clinici, fornitori di soluzioni in ambito digitale «esteso»), utenti (medici, infermieri, tecnici, staff, pazienti…) e decisori (DG, amministratori pubblici, CEO, CIO, altri executive…), perché la digitalizzazione e la trasformazione digitale della sanità creino valore per tutti gli stakeholder


 GGallery, Provider nazionale ECM, è azienda leader in Italia per la formazione nell’area salute e per tutte le professioni sanitarie, sviluppando soluzioni multimediali ad hoc, offrendo corsi su piattaforme e-learning proprietarie e organizzando eventi residenziali o blended. Ogni anno 150.000 utenti partecipano ai corsi erogati da circa 40 portali e migliaia di professionisti presenziano ai convegni organizzati da una struttura operativa che si avvale di collaborazioni scientifiche ai più alti livelli. Ampie e specifiche competenze nel campo dell’information technology hanno permesso di realizzare oltre 150 siti internet e numerose applicazioni multimediali interattive. La società, con una storia di oltre 30 anni, è attiva anche nei settori editoria, formazione aziendale e produzione video, offrendo soluzioni integrate per la comunicazione a 360°.


NetConsulting cube è la holding operativa costituita a seguito della recente unione tra NetConsulting e SIRMI, realtà storiche nel settore delle analisi di mercato e della consulenza ICT. NetConsulting cube offre servizi di Consulenza e di Market Intelligence a Clienti e Vendor della Digital Technology. Supporta i processi decisionali indirizzando le decisioni strategiche, i processi organizzativi, i modelli di go-to-market, le operazioni di fusione e acquisizione, i processi di innovazione di prodotti e servizi e le strategie di posizionamento nel mercato.